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The one sound operators do not want to hear is the sound of the mills standing still. A gold-processing plant, I visited recently valued their SAG mill downtime at US$ 130,000 per hour, so extending the life and availability of mill liners is crucial to them. The reduced damage improves the mills' availability and minimises the downtime.

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The SAG mill model was set to run with a maximum filling of 30%. The results are shown below together with the The predicted size distributions of the ROM from all 3 designs are results of the most recent survey of the circuit. ... Blast Design Details significantly reduced post crusher, particularly in …

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SAG circuits are common in the industry based on: High single-line capacities (leading to capital efficiency) The ability to mill a broad range of ore types in various circuit configurations, with reduced numbers of unit operations (and a corresponding reduction in the complexity of maintenance planning and coordination)


reliable drive system for SAG mills. Early SAG mills had a diameter of about 32', later increasing to 34, 36, 38 and 40'. At the same time the mill volume also increased. Typically a SAG mill has a much larger diameter compared to its length. Yet the SAG mill of Newmont's Yanacocha mine in Peru is a single stage mill (no ball mill after ...

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Photoanalysis is being used on SAG mills worldwide to control the size of rock being crushed. Companies are using this technology to determine the size of particles being processed in the SAG Mill. Having oversize material entering the SAG mill makes an operation less efficient, costing companies money in electrical and maintenance costs.

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Oct 12, 2017· SAG mill make use of steel balls included with some large and hard rocks for grinding. These mills utilize the balls in making the large fragments of materials broken into pieces. The ball charge of a SAG mill is about 9% to 20%.This process takes place inside the large rotating drum of SAG mill which is filled with balls partially.

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These dry SAG mills differs from similar machines by their high diameter-to-length ratio and the use of wedge-shaped deflector liners on the mill end walls. It is believed that distinctive feature of dry AG/SAG mills, as compared with the conventional mill, is the special features of their liners. 1.3. The Gol-E-Gohar SAG mill liners configuration

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Model Predictive Control on a SAG Mill and Ball Mills The solution for the SAG Mill is an adaptive controller which controls mill load using direct mill weight measurement or indirectly from bearing oil pressure. The solution automatically controls ore master feed rate and water addition to increase throughput, while keeping mill load within ...

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Jan 08, 2016· PAI SAG Mill Training Performance Associates International ... Ore that's crushed in a primary crusher is usually fed into a SAG mill, where it is reduced in size so that it can be fed into a ...

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SAG mill feed is conveyed from the coarse ore stockpile. The ore passes through a gyratory crusher where it is reduced to 8 inch diameter before being dumped on the pile. A line drawing of the Fort Knox SAG mill liner configuration and spare liners awaiting installation. Five and one quarter inch steel grinding balls - cannon balls - occupy 8% ...

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Pin mills are used to reduce the size of medium- to low-density materials such as talc and clay. Pin mills use centrifugal forces to smash large particles against pins. Equipment Design A colloid mill rotor is an intermeshing rotor used for the size reduction of materials by multiple impacts with the maze of pins.

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SAG is an acronym for semi-autogenous grinding. SAG mills are autogenous mills that also use grinding balls like a ball mill. A SAG mill is usually a primary or first stage grinder. SAG mills use a ball charge of 8 to 21%. The largest SAG mill is 42' (12.8m) in diameter, powered by a 28 MW (38,000 HP) motor.

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MW). It has been the industry standard for SAG mills above 13 MW capacity. However, pinion systems to 8 MW per pinion and dual motor systems with quadruple pinions extend the range of gear driven mills to a theoretical limit of 32 MW. The Ernest Henry SAG mill (11 MW) is currently the largest twin pinion single drive mill installed in Australia.

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Even though production was dramatically improved, the product size of the secondary ball milling was reduced and recovery increased. The results in SAG-Mill line 2 are even more dramatic. Because of segregation on the coarse feed stockpile, SAG-mill 2 receives a higher percentage of coarse material.

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The % of broken balls and scraps in the SAG mill discharge were reduced considerably 2- JSE-Listed Gold Miner Seeks to Reduce Grinding Media Spend along with Lowering Wear Rates. - Metallurgical Test results available on request.

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SAG mill itself and not on the test work program. Stated another way, money invested in a large SAG mill is an investment that can produce handsome returns if extra production is needed or simply to give the mine the option to mill the hardest ores at design throughput rates.

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Oct 29, 2018· The result, the company says, is a more stable SAG mill, reduced energy consumption and higher productivity. "Where an operator might make adjustments every few minutes, this solution can make less drastic adjustments more frequently, down to every 20 seconds or less," King Becerra, FL's global product line manager for automation ...

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Reduced specific energy consumption when keeping ball charge levels at a constant. Increased P80 stability by accurately predicting the conditions inside the SAG Mill. Reduce number of liner wear inspections, keeping SAG Mills running for longer.

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SAG mills are essentially autogenous mills, but utilize grinding balls to aid in grinding like in a ball mill. principles of sag and ball mill operations – … The Gulin product line, consisting of more than 30 machines, sets the standard for our industry.

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26% load while power peaks at about 35% load. When overloaded, a SAG mill loses coarse ore breakage and feed tonnage must be reduced to grind out the mill and resume production at a reduced rate. When operating flat out (not recommended), because ores are variable in hardness, maximum throughput varies. This may work in

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2 d4 TM Mill Drivesystem 7 MW 7 MW 14 MW 28 MW 7 MW 4 MW 7 MW 7 MW 7 MW 4 MW 7 MW 7 MW SAG mill 32 ft. single drive The natural progression in gear/pinion mill drives: The QdX4TM Mill Drive provides the next step in the evolution of change in mill drive architecture, while allowing the system to be built with components that are within current manufacturing capabilities.

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Outotec® ACT Grinding Optimization System. Increase efficiency and performance of your grinding circuit. Outotec's ACT grinding optimization system – with the RockSense on-belt rock size analyzer, MillSense charge analyzer, and PSI particle size analyzer – gives you a complete solution for optimizing your entire grinding circuit.